Street Preaching & Motorcycle Ministry

We would like to ask you to keep Lost Souls Ministry in your Prayers as we start making our Plans for 2020 Street Preaching here in our Hometown of Burlington, North Carolina once again. It has been some years since LSM did Street Ministry here, but we are Excited about this Door God is about to open.

There are several other Ministries who have already spoke up about Partnering with us such as Freedom Fellowship, The Steel Magnolias & The Lambs Chapel. So, as you can see we have an All Star Line-Up right off the bat and with God at the Helm we can’t go wrong.

I will be posting dates on this page and on my Face Book, Page so keep your eyes open. We will always need Volunteers and there is always a Financial need. Until then Lord Bless you and Yours…Gene “Bones”  & Brenda Boswell in CHRIST…!!!!

CHAPLAIN: with the Concerned Bikers Association of Alamance County / ABATE

The motorcycle in the top picture was given to Street Minister Gene “Bones” & Brenda Boswell by DQ (01/07/1950-11/20/2013) & Beth Roberts of Christian Riders Ministry and is a 1994 Harley Davidson Soft-Tail. This is an addition to the vehicles that we now have at our disposal to do Street /Biker / Children’s Ministry with.

Street Ministry is reaching the lost and forgotten and leading them to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Now we will be able to reach out to the local bikers here in Burlington, NC or where ever the Highway leads. Jesus Christ works through the hearts of man to accomplish His will.

Street Preaching In Burlington, NC.  We shut down the entire block and preach the Gospel to all that would come and hear. We feed the soul with God’s Holy Gospel and His word brings people to salvation. At the end we offer some food and drink but our prayer is that they have left their old water pot at the well as in John 4:28 and received the well that will never run dry.



I have been recently led by our Lord & Savor to go back into the local Bars around here-bouts and carry His word to those that He opens the Door to. This Success will be His Success as it will be Jesus who drops the Seeds, that I share. Please be in Prayer for me and for those He leads me to that Christ’ Fertile seed will take root……Bones in Christ…!!!

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