Street Minister Gene ‘Bones’ Boswell prays over 2-week-old Autumn Raines,in mother Christine Gravely’s arms,in front of Gravely’s home in Burlington.When ask what Boswell prayed for ‘I ask for a miracle for the new born and faith for the family’.Autumn was born with a cleft lip and palate she will have her first surgery in August 2008.

Boswell said’I meet people where they are,out on these streets and inside these neighborhoods,thats where God met me’!



April 10, 2008Ex-biker takes Jesus to the streets (4MB)
– Article by The Alamance News (used with permission)

Pre 2008 – From bars to Bibles: Biker cleans up his act



Brenda Boswell was Ordained as a Street Minister/Evangelist on April 13, 2013 and below is a link to that service…!!!!