Lost Souls Ministry’s Learning Center

Learning Center November 2009

The Tucker Street Learning Center

This is a picture of Lost Souls Ministry’s Learning Center, located at the Tucker Street  Apartments.   Lost Souls Ministry desires for the residents of the Tucker Street community to have the opportunities to excel and do great things. The Tucker Street’s hours are each Tuesday from 4: PM – 7: PM, depending on Ministry & health issues. Lost Souls Ministry is always in need of newer and better computers.

We allow Social Networking, You Tube & Music Videos to those that are 16 years of age and above, ID required. This center belongs to God, He opened the door so it could be possible. We promise to give everyone respect and we expect respect to be given in return.

We are also always in need of partners, volunteers, mentors, roll models and finances to operate this center and ministry as a whole. Please remember Lost Souls Ministry is a 501c3 Non-Profit and is held accountable through our Board of Directors and Certified Public Accountant.